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Content marketing is a type of marketing that creates online content for a targeted audience. It’s used by businesses of all sizes to attract attention and generate leads, to expand customer base, and to generate or increase online sales. Content marketing is part of a long-term strategy to engage website visitors and retain loyal customers.

A content marketing writer specializes in creating written online content (blog posts, ultimate guides, case studies, editorials, white papers, etc). The content should connect directly with a particular audience, such as customers or potential customers, employees, investors, or other stakeholders. Knowing the content’s purpose is key to producing high-quality information.

content marketing writer creates and shares valuable free content in order to attract and convert prospects into customers — and then turn customers into repeat buyers. A copywriter persuades a reader to take a specific action.

Let’s face it — most people can write but they don’t write well. A certified content marketing writer has been trained to write engaging and informative content that the search engines, such as Google or Bing, will like.

High-quality, SEO-optimized content that ranks high in search engine results helps your audience find you and the information they need.

Your audience learns to trust you so they’re more apt to visit you either online or in person. Which is good for your business and good for your bottom line.

No, and not all content marketing certification programs are equal.

SmartBlogger’s Content Marketing Certification course is a unique training program that incorporates rigorous testing and constructive feedback. Students improve their writing and SEO knowledge through writing assessments and feedback by SmartBlogger’s writing experts. Graduates of the program have demonstrated competence in writing engaging, informative, SEO-optimized content by completing an Ultimate Guide, then passing a theory test as well as a practical timed writing test.

While I specialize in writing about  health and wellness travel, I’d be happy to discuss your project to see if I can help you.

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